Meghan Markle, the Queen silences everyone and deals with Harry

Meghan Markle, la Regina mette tutti a tacere e si occupa di Harry

Queen Elizabeth takes matters into her own hands and defines the plan to restore Harry and Meghan Markle to order and regain balance in the family

Meghan Markle and Harry shocked the Royal Family with their interview with Oprah Winfery. But now Queen Elizabeth intervenes directly to restore order and bring everyone to trial, the only one who can really succeed.

Her Majesty waited almost two days to react to the revelations of Harry and Meghan, during her Commonwealth Day speech she made no mention of it, careful to keep the institutional sphere well separated from the private one.

Then when her response to Markle's racism allegations against Buckingham Palace arrived, Elizabeth took the complaint seriously, showing her intent to go all the way to find out what is hiding in the corridors of the Palace and possibly punish whoever is. stained with such reprehensible behavior and then with the superiority that distinguishes it, he once again extended a hand to Harry and Meghan, remembering that they are much loved by the Royal Family, despite everything that has happened.

But that's not all, the Queen has a plan in mind to make people forget what happened quickly and regain balance within the family. And once again she takes care of it directly, personally taking care of Harry and Meghan. While the other senior members of the court, including Kate Middleton and William, are still shaken by the revelations made by the Sussexes about them.

The plan envisages, in the first place, to offer grandchildren a way of conciliation. Secondly, he imposed the most absolute prohibition on the Palazzo staff from discussing the matter publicly. Then he will go on the attack, in the sense that he will try to establish a direct dialogue with Meghan and Harry to find a solution, therefore without intermediaries.

It seems the Queen has a phone call to Harry on her agenda for the next few days. Elisabetta believes that only a personal approach, no longer mediated by officials and spokespersons, can move things in a positive way.

The determination of 94-year-old Elizabeth to take the initiative was greeted with relief by the Royal Family. Other members of the court, notably Charles and William, were deeply shocked by the way they were attacked by the couple. Harry said he was deeply disappointed by his father after he took his salary and didn't want to talk to him anymore.

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