Meghan Markle, the Queen's ban on the royal baby's diet

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Meghan Markle would like to grow the royal baby following a vegan diet, but Elizabeth imposed her veto

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Queen Elizabeth forbids Meghan Markle from following the future royal baby with the vegan diet.

According to the New Idea magazine, the Sovereign imposed her veto on the type of diet that the Sussex Dukes would like for their first child. Especially Meghan is a supporter of veganism. Lady Markle follows a particular diet, called flexitariana, so she never eats meat except on weekends.

When it is time for weaning, it seems that the Duchess has decided to let her baby follow this diet. But the Sovereign is absolutely opposed. According to a source close to Palazzo: "The Queen will never allow her grandson to follow a vegan diet".

Even in the education of the royal baby, which appears to be female after the gaffe committed by Serena Williams, Meghan clashes with the Court. Lady Markle also forced her husband Harry to consume less meat and wanted to transform her baby into a vegan from an early age.

In all probability this will not happen until the Queen lives. And the move of the Dukes to Frogmore Cottage is of no use.

Worrying details had already emerged on the education of the royal baby. According to the well-informed, Meghan would like complete autonomy in the growth of her son, even excluding Harry. In short, at the home of the Dukes of Sussex, the boss is the Markle who also forced her husband to practice yoga, even during childbirth.

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