Meghan Markle, tired and undertone at King's College

Meghan Markle, tired and undertone at King's College

Surprise exit for Meghan Markle who appeared tired and tried, between pregnancy and tension at Palazzo. And the essential look disappoints

Meghan Markle pregnant, undertone and big belly in sight

Pregnant Meghan Markle is reappearing as a surprise in public to attend a panel discussion at King's College.

The Duchess of Sussex appeared tired and tried. Even the look, usually always very sought after, was subdued, disappointing. Meghan sported a very simple total black outfit that highlighted the rounded forms of motherhood. The loose hair with the middle line, the just mentioned make-up, the dull look, although I followed the discussion carefully, taking notes on a diary.

Lady Markle seems exhausted, the pregnancy is felt and she has slowed down her public commitments. He has not participated in official events for a few weeks. The last, almost private, exit with Harry was to attend the Christmas concert. Also on that occasion the outfit was minimal while the belly was always bigger.

And the tensions at the Palazzo do not facilitate rest, tensions caused by other sources, as reported by sources close to the Court, by Meghan who claims too much from his collaborators and has to say about everything, including Kate Middleton. To all this we must add the preparations for the move. In fact, she and Harry decided to move to the countryside at Frogmore Cottege, officially to live away from prying eyes, officially to escape the contrasts that arose between the two sisters-in-law.

Thus, while Kate is re-appropriating the scene, showing off stratospheric looks, from the trouser suit to the plaid skirt, Lady Markle is increasingly set aside.

Meghan Markle at King's College – Source: Twitter

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