Meghan Markle treacherously spied on. Queen Elizabeth furious with Harry

Meghan Markle spiata a tradimento. La Regina Elisabetta furiosa con Harry

Meghan Markle would have been spied on behalf of the British media, while rumors about the real feelings of the Queen towards Harry and his wife are leaking

Meghan Marke has been spied on and revealed by a retired private investigator, Daniel Portley-Hanks, who has been hired by a well-known British newspaper to keep an eye on Harry's wife. Meanwhile, there are rumors about Queen Elizabeth's reaction to the revelations of her grandchildren in the interview with Oprah Winfrey.

There are those who say they are only saddened and those who are very angry with them and this anger would transpire from a sentence contained in the official response of the Palace after the Sussex accusations against the Royal Family. But let's proceed in order.

The Daily Mail reports that Queen Elizabeth would only be "very sad, but not angry" with Harry and Meghan Markle after they accused a senior member of the Royal Family of racism by fueling speculation about the identity of the man or woman who would utter racist phrases about Archie's skin color. A heavy accusation, to be condemned without hesitation. For this reason, His Majesty, taking matters into his own hands, immediately organized an internal investigation into the Palace.

Sources close to the Crown claim that the Sovereign is not angry with her grandchildren, but rather has privately pledged to be close to Harry. “The Queen has always been very worried about him and even now she tries to be close to him”. The same insider revealed to the Sun that the whole family has always looked after Harry: “They always tried to support him when Meghan arrived. They were less worried about him since she came into his life because he seemed so happy. " In fact, the Queen has always held out a hand to Markle (see video above). These statements come after William's outspoken defense of the Windsors: "We are not racists."

On the other hand, the source cited by the Express is of opposite opinion, according to which Elizabeth is furious with Harry and Meghan and this feeling of hers is evident in the official statement in response to the Sussex racism accusations. One sentence in particular warns of this.

The document reads: “The issues raised, particularly that of race, are worrying. While some memories may vary, they are taken very seriously and will be addressed by the family in private. Harry, Meghan and Archie will always be much loved family members ”. To strike experts would be the expression, "even if some memories may vary", which would indicate a lack of unity within the Palace. "There is anger. There are really conflicting emotions, of pain and shock, "commented the insider.

Added to these speculations are the revelations of the private investigator, Daniel Portley-Hanks, who, according to the New Idea magazine, was hired by the Sun to spy on Meghan Markle. The man admitted that he had illegally accessed private information about Harry's wife, including his social security number, which he told the BBC: “Virtually everything I found could be found on their own through legal means, except for the social security numbers “.

The BBC claims it saw the so-called "full report on Meghan and her family" which included Markle's phone number, addresses and social security number, as well as information about her family members, her ex-husband and an ex boyfriend.

Following these rumors, a Sussex spokesperson released a statement on behalf of Meghan and Harry condemning the "predatory practices" that exist in the British media today.

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