Meghan Markle, victim of a Palace conspiracy

Meghan Markle, victim of a Palace conspiracy

Meghan Markle was convinced that there was a conspiracy against her, hatched by the Earl. This is why she isolated herself and wanted to get out of this situation

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle: from lukewarm friendship to total frost

Meghan Markle was convinced that there was a conspiracy against her, hatched by members of the Court ever since she joined the Royal Family.

Meghan would have immediately felt like a stranger, treated by an outsider. "She was convinced there was a conspiracy against her, so she practically isolated herself when she moved to Frogmore Cottage with Harry after the wedding." This was revealed by a friend of Lady Markle, speaking with the Times real expert, Katie Nicholl.

Her friend continues: "I think she felt like a stranger from the beginning. It wasn't the life she was used to and she wanted to get out of this situation as soon as possible. " According to this testimony, therefore, Lady Markle was unable to adapt to a lifestyle completely different from her and certainly the environment in which she found herself was probably quite hostile towards her, considering her too different and far from the traditions of the Monarchy.

Meg's friends were very worried because they saw her "running out" day by day, especially while working on the editorial project with Vogue.

Other sources, reported in the Daily Mail, reveal that the Queen has refused Harry and his wife to live a hybrid life, between court commitments and their own affairs. This is why the Sussex finally decided to leave the Royal Family permanently. They were aiming for Los Angeles and the move to Vancouver, Canada was only temporary: "It could never have become their definitive home."

However, even the move to the United States was not painless, especially for the Prince who had several difficulties getting used to an unscheduled life. But in particular, he is suffering from isolation and distance from his circle of friends.

Although, according to Omid Scobie, who is responsible for the Sussex biography, Harry and Meghan have big plans in the pipeline and have taken the Obama as a model.

While Nicholl claims that the couple immediately intended to become "international". "It was inevitable that they would leave Britain, but the sudden change in their lives surprised everyone."

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