Meghan Markle, wedding anniversary undertone: Kate Middleton's indifference

Meghan Markle and Harry celebrate the second anniversary privately. While the Royal Family distances itself

Meghan Markle, normal mom with Archie

Meghan Markle and Harry celebrate the second wedding anniversary. It was May 19th 2018 when they got married at Windsor Castle. Then nobody would have imagined that the Sussex would leave the Royal Family.

In all likelihood, Queen Elizabeth, Kate Middleton and William, Carlo and Camilla will call the couple in video-chat for the good wishes, as has already happened for the Royal Baby birthdays.

Harry and Meghan are known to be in Los Angeles where they bought an 18 million super luxury villa, although they will pay the rent for Frogmore Cottage which remains their official residence in Britain.

The Sussex's second anniversary is going undertone, for two main reasons. Harry and Meghan have chosen to retire to private life and at the moment when they are working on their new foundation, the spotlight on them is off. They no longer even have their own social profile where they can share celebratory photos.

Secondly, because being now separated from the Court, the Royal Family itself appears more distant and cold. For example, the delay with which Kate Middleton and William react to the august date that seems to want to pass in silence, like Carlo, engaged in more pressing issues, such as mental health, is surprising.

Sussex did not miss important gifts. Starting with Meghan's best friend, Jessica Mulroney, who played a central role during the preparation of the Royal Wedding.

As reported by Hello! the Canadian designer decided to launch her new bridal line on the wedding anniversary of Harry and Meghan. In reality, these are clothing items to be worn before the fateful yes that contain a message to express one's love. But the first to congratulate the couple is the pastry chef, who made the wedding cake, with a message on Instagram.

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