Meghan Markle will give birth at home as the Queen. Spite to Kate

Meghan Markle will give birth at home as the Queen. Spite to Kate

Meghan could give birth at Frogmore Cottage using natural pain relief techniques. Yet another setback to Kate Middleton and a tribute to Elizabeth

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Meghan Markle is about to give birth and it will, apparently, at the Palazzo or rather in the new house, Frogmore Cottage.

The place of the happy event is therefore still an unknown quantity. First the birth would take place in a hospital near Windsor, that is the new mansion.

Then when the move was postponed, it was rumored that it would happen at the Lindo Wing, the London hospital where Kate Middleton gave birth to her three children. And where all the royal babies of the last 40 years were born. This hypothesis also seemed to be confirmed by the fact that Harry and Meghan were spotted going to the aforementioned clinic.

But now, according to the Daily Mail, Lady Markle would have opted for home birth, just as the Queen did. Indeed, all the women of the Royal Family gave birth to their children at the Palace, up to Princess Anna, daughter of Elizabeth.

In fact, sources close to the Sussex Dukes have revealed that Harry and Meghan do not rule out hospital birth. In fact, Lady Markle who is over 35 may need a caesarean or may have a premature birth.

But a friend of the Duchess revealed that Meg is in excellent health and still practices yoga today, in fact she will perform exercises during labor with her husband. Therefore, there are no contraindications for a home birth. "It would be his preferred choice," the source said. At Frogmore Cottage could enjoy the privacy that would not be guaranteed if he went to the hospital. Among other things, Meghan refused to show her and the baby shortly after giving birth.

If the birth took place at home, Lady Markle could not have the relief of an epidural, but she would have studied relaxation techniques such as hypnobirthng and would have a machine with small electrical pulses to ease the pain. Also it could opt for a water birth. It will also be assisted by a doula.

The choice to give birth to the baby, which should be a sissy, is yet another setback to sister-in-law Kate. Lady Middleton had also considered home birth, but then preferred the more secure and structured private clinic.

That of Meghan is an alternative choice that could please the Queen and at the same time appears as a spite and a distancing, the umpteenth, from Kate.

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