Meghan Markle with Harry among the 100 most influential people. But the Royal Family snubs her

Meghan Markle with Harry among the 100 most influential people. But the Royal Family snubs her

Time has included Meghan Markle and Harry in the list of the 100 most influential people of the year. The only ones to take the distance from them are the Windsors

Harry turns 36: the wishes of the Royal Family on Instagram

Meghan Markle and Harry have been included in the ranking of the 100 most influential people of 2020 according to Time, which for the first time will have a television version. In a promotional video, previewed by E! News shows the faces of some characters included in the list. Among these there are also the Sussex.

So Harry and Meghan will find themselves between tennis stars like Serena Williams, a close friend of Lady Markle, or musicians like John Legend, just to name a few. In short, the couple was considered among the icons, artists, pioneers and titans of the year. The presence of the Sussexes in the Time rankings comes after a troubled year for the two following the difficult decision to abandon the Royal Family and with it many of the noble and economic privileges they enjoyed as senior royals.

A detachment suffered, at least on Harry's part, which certainly caused a scandal even in the ways in which it was realized, seriously shaking the Monarchy. Then came the hard times of the Sussex financial crisis, full of debt after the renovation of Frogmore Cottage and without a job, with a series of bureaucratic constraints and denied permits to found their new association. Difficulties recently overcome thanks to the millionaire agreement with Netflix. Harry and Meghan are preparing to become TV producers and then they have already signed another contract that foresees that for each public speech they will make about a million dollars.

Not bad really. So perhaps the nomination among the 100 most influential of the year did not come by chance, also in consideration of the amount of money that the couple will be able to spin every time they speak publicly. The only ones who don't take them seriously, or rather who snub Meghan Markle, are the Windsors. Once out of the Palace, they no longer need to pretend to bear it. And the intolerance or rather indifference towards Meghan became evident when on the occasion of Harry's birthday, on September 15, in none of the photos shared on social media by the Queen, Charles and William and Kate Middleton to celebrate the Prince Lady Markle appears, completely wiped out by the Royal Family.

A heavy and iterated absence that certainly did not go unnoticed by the subjects, experts in real issues and the British media, who partly mocked Meg in a not very elegant way. Among other things, speaking of birthdays, it is not the first time that Harry's wife has been excluded from court traditions. When Markle turned 39 last August 4th, the Westminster bells did not ring for her as is the custom for August birthdays.

Meanwhile, the Sussexes don't care about the mischief and have found an original and positive way to celebrate Harry. In fact, they made a donation to the non-profit association CAMFED, which fights against poverty in Africa.

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