Meghan Markle would expect 3 twins. And she won't give birth in the same clinic as Kate

Meghan Markle, the stepsister attacks and is yellow about the birth of the Royal Baby

Meghan Markle would be pregnant with 3 twins, the baby bump reveals. And he distances himself from Kate Middleton in choosing the hospital.

Meghan Markle has shown off a really big belly in the last few days, to the point of suggesting that her will be a twin birth.

The indiscretion that the Duchess of Sussex is expecting two girls has been circulating for some time, but now it seems to be confirmed by increasingly rounded forms, too large to be in the sixth month of pregnancy. Indeed, according to experts, Meghan may be expecting three royal babies.

As the gynecologist Joseph Sgroi explained to New Idea: "At the 14th week the position of the uterus makes the belly evident". In the case of Lady Markle, the size of the belly would show that the Duchess looks like twins and could even be three. The Duchess in one of the last public releases let slip that the birth is scheduled for late April, it could happen even earlier. As is likely in a twin pregnancy.

However, everything is ready for the happy event. Lady Markle refused to give birth at the Lindo Wing, at St. Mary's Hospital where Kate Middleton's children were born, but also William and Harry. According to sources close to the Palace, reported by the Sun, the reason would be that: "Meghan does not want to do anything of what Kate did". Hence the choice to give birth to his child, or his children, at Frimley Park, in Surrey, a far more modest hospital than the sumptuous private London clinic to which Lady Middleton has relied.

Of course, the hospital in Surrey is logistically more convenient for Meghan and Harry who will soon move to Frogmore Cottage, near Windsor. The alternative for Lady Markle could be home birth. Before Princess Anne, daughter of Elizabeth, the women of the Royal Family gave birth at the Palace. But now even the doctors who are following the pregnant Princesses suggest hospitalization where they are ready to intervene for any eventuality.

Meghan Markle with a big belly – Source: Getty Images

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