Meghan Markle's diet: vegan, but not on weekends

Meghan Markle's diet: vegan, but not on weekends

How is Meghan Markle kept fit? Here is the secret of his diet: vegan, but not over the weekend

Vegan yes, but not on weekends. The perfect body of Meghan Markle is the result of a very special diet that is very popular in Britain and the United States.

His sculpted body has enchanted the whole world, overshadowing even the beloved Kate Middleton, who has always been an icon of beauty. Yet Meghan Markle is not at all "rigid" when it comes to diet, on the contrary, she loves to savor something good (and fat!) Sometimes, especially on weekends.

His secret? The flexiterian diet, which allows her to indulge in some extravagance, but without hurting the line. To tell it, a few years ago, it was just the new Duchess of Sussex, who in an interview with Best Healt magazine, explained that she is vegan, but not to give up what she likes. All she knows about food, Meghan learned it from her mother Doria Ragland, a yoga teacher and wellness expert. For this reason she is a fan of centrifuges, tofu and quinoa, but also legume soups, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

During the week, the ex-actress of Suits bans red meat and carbohydrates, but on the weekend she lets herself go to some concessions. Its weak point? French fries, for which it is crazy, and pasta, which is consumed above all on holiday. His is a flexiterian diet on-off, which he manages according to periods of stress and important appointments. Before the Royal Wedding, for example, he said goodbye to alcohol and carbohydrates, which he began to consume, but only the weekend, now that she is finally married.

Meghan also occasionally drinks a nice glass of red wine, but always without exaggerating, preferring balance. Its strength is undoubtedly the breakfast, which Harry's wife prepares in the sweet or savory version, choosing between toast and omelette with herbs and cheese, or oatmeal with fruit, manuka honey and bee pollen served with water hot and lemon.

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