Meghan Markle's engagement ring for 2 euros

Do you dream of an engagement ring like the one received from Meghan Markle and created by Harry? Then run to Primark!

Do you dream of an engagement ring like Meghan Markle's? Well, then we advise you to run to Primark.

Here you will find a copy of the most envied and desired jewel of the moment at a decidedly low cost price: around 2 pounds. A few months ago, when Prince Harry announced his wedding with the actress of Suits, there was nothing to talk about but the engagement ring chosen by Lady Diana's second son. As all the fans of the Royal Family well know, Meghan's engagement ring is a unique jewel and certainly not for everyone.

In fact, to make it happen Harry didn't pay any attention. He designed the jewel with the help of the Cleave & Co. jewelery, creating a frame in yellow gold, with two small diamonds on the sides, coming from a Lady Diana's plate, and a rare Botswana diamond. Estimated value: around 350 thousand dollars. A figure that very few can afford.

From today, however, even the most romantic and those who dream of the Prince Charming (the real one) will be able to experience the story of the American actress. Primark, the British low-cost fashion giant, has in fact made a perfect copy of Meghan's engagement ring. It's called the Yellow Ring and is the same in every detail to the original. Except for one: it costs just 2 pounds.

The perfect replica of the precious worn by the Duchess of Sussex was made of gold metal and features two small diamonds on the sides and a larger one in the center, obviously fake. The news was greeted with great enthusiasm by all the Meghan Markle fans, who were captivated by the style and elegance of Harry's wife, but above all by the jewel that shows off on all special occasions.

Perhaps not all women will be able to afford a $ 350,000 ring, but with the precious Primark it is still permissible to dream. And it only costs 2 pounds.

The ring of Meghan and that of Primark – Source: Getty Images / Primark

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