Meghan, the moving outburst: "Nobody asks me how I feel"

Meghan Markle in tears, tells about her life and the pressure of the media in the spotlight

Meghan told herself, as perhaps she never did, letting herself go to a moving and liberating outburst about her situation as duchess, mother and wife of Prince Harry.

On the occasion of an interview for ITV News at Ten, with which the Duchess of Sussex participated along with her husband, Meghan was visibly thrilled to tell the pressure she has been under since entering the royal family.

Moreover it is known to all, in recent times the Markle has been at the center of many controversies, like those accusations of victimhood during the trip to Africa.

And that relationship with the press, so hostile and so different from that established by Kate Middleton and William, really complicates his situation.

She did not deny the weight of all this, and on the occasion of the interview for the upcoming documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, dedicated to the royal couple, she admitted that the one with the media, on some occasions turned out to be a real struggle.

Sincere and crude words of an unpublished Meghan who was moved by the cameras to what appears to be the most banal question in the world. The conductor Tom Bradby, after greeting the Duchess of Sussex asked her how she was.

The rumor broke and Markle was evidently moved. In fact, he said he felt extremely vulnerable, since his life has changed a lot since he joined the royal family.

Now it is neomamma, duchess and wife of Harry, managing everything is not at all as simple as it seems, and the weight of those responsibilities is felt, even on those small errors that the press does not forgive them.

During the interview, Meghan thanked Bradby for asking her how she is, admitting that few care about her feelings and emotions. At his side, however, more considerate than ever is Harry, who has always been supportive of the aggressive impact of media criticism.

Here is another vulnerable and sincere part of the Duchess of Sussex. One wonders then, how will the Markle show itself in the documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey, shot during the couple's 10-day tour in Africa. But we know that it will not disappoint us.

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