Meghan, Thomas Markle’s uncomfortable truths that could bury her

Meghan, Thomas Markle's uncomfortable truths that could bury her

The former Duchess of Sussex may be hiding something very important that her father, Thomas Markle, is also aware of

A charm that smacks of mystery, that of Meghan Markle, and that could be jeopardized by some truths kept by his father Thomas Markle and that he would be ready to bring out. This is what Tom Bower claims, engaged in writing the biography on the Duchess of Sussex and who said he was aware of details concerning the life of Harry’s wife.

Meghan Markle, all the “skeletons in the closet” to hide

These details, wisely kept hidden for years, could however come to light very soon. According to what (little) revealed by Bower, Meghan would have asked her family to keep quiet about some details concerning her and which, if they were revealed, could represent more than a problem.

As is well known, Bower has strongly criticized his choice to leave the royal family and remove his origin. Indeed, the author even went a little further, defining it as a “poisonous” decision. Yet, Meghan’s past seemed to suggest a completely different scenario than the current one, at least according to what the writer claimed in an interview with Closer: As a young man, she was truly linked to the family, but seems to have completely erased all memories and disowned his father “.

And she added: “Likewise, she broke up with her ex-husband as her career started to take off. He seems to me a very ambitious and ruthless person. But I think that, to his great regret, other things will come out ”.

If and when Thomas Markle will speak

Bower refused to let go and continued: “I think Thomas is hiding some things and that he knows a lot of embarrassing details about her. There are skeletons in the closet and, when provoked, I think the secrets could all come out ”.

The transfer of Harry and Meghan to California would have taken place with the intention of getting away from their families, a condition that could worsen if Thomas Markle were to decide to speak. Bower also defined Meghan Markle as a very stubborn person, reiterating that he does not share the choice of creating a world isolated from everything else, especially for the growth of Archie and Lilibet.

Relations between Meghan and her father Thomas have always been strained, even long before her marriage to Harry. He has also intervened several times to complain about the fact that he has not yet met his grandchildren and that he intends to turn to the media for news of his daughter, whom he has not heard from for too long.

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