Meghan's revenge. "Charles unfit to be king", but Kate will not be queen

Meghan's revenge. "Charles unfit to be king", but Kate will not be queen

For royal watchers "Charles is unfit to be king", but Kate Middleton will not become queen

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"Charles is unfit to be king", but, at least for now, Kate Middleton does not seem destined to be queen. A real revenge for Meghan Markle and Harry who, after having taken a step back from the Royal Family, live from afar the problems that the British monarchy is facing.

The debate regarding the succession in fact continues to be open, even if it now seems certain that Charles, her eldest son, will be ruling after Queen Elizabeth. Those who cheered for William and Kate Middleton, dreaming of seeing them on the throne, will have to wait, because The Queen has other plans on the matter. Clive Irving, an expert on the Royal Family, is convinced of this, according to which power will pass into the hands of Charles who is not at all prepared to fill this important role.

Irving, guest of Austalia's Today Extra, described him as "completely unfit to be king". “The Queen looks decidedly more modern than her son – he explained -. His Majesty is timeless, while Carlo looks like an eighteenth-century figure ”.

The writer, an expert on the issues that revolve around royalty, described Carlo as a person “who likes to surround himself with lickers, which is not a good thing for a future ruler. I fear it will lead the monarchy to the brink […] The person is not the point, the crown is the point, the institution is the point. Elizabeth II understood from the very first moment, when she became queen in 1952, that she was supposed to feed the mystery. Nobody knows what you think, how you feel, what your opinion is ”.

Irving then said that Elizabeth II will undoubtedly be "the last queen of England". No future – at least immediate – for Kate Middleton who will be able to ascend the throne in several years. The Duchess of Cambridge has been preparing for her role for some time now, but will have to wait. A small revenge for Meghan Markle and Harry, who fled London to avoid being the "eternal seconds" and build a new life in the United States. The beginnings were not easy, but now the couple seems to have succeeded. “They have no regrets – a source told People -. In California they can lead the life they have always wanted and dedicate themselves to the projects they care about most ”.

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