Melania Trump in tuxedo in the Christmas card from the White House

Melania Donald Trump Natale Casa Bianca

Melania and Donald Trump pose in the Christmas card from the White House: the matched look of the President of the First Lady

Melania Trump, a golden look for the latest Christmas decorations

Melania Trump has decided to make her mark on her last Christmas in the White House.

The First Lady posed alongside Donald on the steps of the White House sporting a look that matched her husband's, in a black tuxedo and white shirt.

The couple is trying to stand out for the style with which they are facing this holiday period before leaving the most famous home in the world for good.

The photo was taken last December 10 by the official White House photographer Andrea Hanks and was published by Melania on her official social profiles with the caption: "Merry Christmas from President Donald J Trump and First Lady Melania Trump".

In the portrait the two pose standing next to each other in tuxedos, showing off a serene smile and a certain harmony, while behind them stands the presidential mansion decorated for the holidays.

If it was rather obvious that the outgoing President would be dressed like this, the same certainly cannot be said for the First Lady, who has accustomed us to sheath dresses and dresses in pastel or classic shades. But this time Melania wanted to surprise, with a typically masculine outfit but made extremely feminine by the cut of the jacket, the cigarette trousers and the black pumps with stiletto heels.

Pending the oath of the newly elected President Joe Biden, luggage is already being prepared in the White House to facilitate the move of the now former presidential couple. What will Melania do once she leaves what has been her home for the last four years is the question that everyone is asking and while some tabloids speculate an imminent divorce with a "good exit" millionaire for the now former First Lady, others argue that both working on an autobiography, as Michelle Obama had done before her.

A choice, that of recounting his experience in Washington, which could prove to be successful in terms of image. Meanwhile, Melania wins in terms of style.

Melania Donald Trump Christmas White House

Melania and Donald Trump in tuxedos for Christmas

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