Melania Trump thinks about her legacy and already packs her bags: where she will go to live

Melania Trump thinks about her legacy and already packs her bags: where she will go to live

"Melania Trump just wants to go home": she is already organizing the move and has taken information on the budget she will have available after the White House

Melania Trump is ready to leave the White House and is already busy packing. But where will he go to live? The possibilities are varied as her husband Donald owns several houses, although it remains to be seen if the First Lady still intends to share the roof with the Tycoon or would prefer to sign the divorce papers right away.

In fact, it seems that between one suitcase and the next Melania inquired about what personal funds she will have available, perhaps with the idea of ​​starting a new life independently. But let's proceed in order.

While Donald Trump is still counting the votes in an attempt to overturn the election results, "Melania just wants to go home," a source told CNN. Carried out her Christmas duties with lavish decorations, the First Lady is taking stock of Trump's furniture and works of art at the White House, inquiring about the budget she will have available from January 20. Melania is therefore focused on the move, but also on the inheritance from First Lady, so much so that she has a director in charge of checking what funds are available for her once her husband's term is over.

There are many thoughts that pile up his mind. In addition to being careful not to forget any trinkets of value in the White House, she has to think about where to go to live and how to organize her son Barron's school year. In this case a lot will depend on where he chooses to move once he leaves Washington.

He will almost certainly opt for Florida where the Mar-a-Lago estate is located and where the Trumps have placed their residence after moving it from New York. Barron could therefore finish the school year in Florida and not Maryland, as CNN reports.

In the meantime, renovations are underway in Mar-a-Lago and Melania is deciding which items to send to the penthouse of Trump Tower in New York and which to take with her to Florida.

So Melania says goodbye to the White House without regrets and also with some relief. It was never her desire to become First Lady and, according to CNN, she would not be happy to resume this role in 2024. In fact, Donald Trump has declared that he wants to reapply in the next elections and apparently will officially announce it on the day. the inauguration of the new President, Joe Biden.

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