Melania Trump turns 51: she changes her life and stays with Donald

Melania Trump turns 51: she changes her life and stays with Donald

Melania Trump turns 51 and opens a site with Donald where she offers to attend parties and events. How to invite her

Melania Trump, the black farewell look is fabulous. Ivanka in white

Melania Trump turns 51, she was born on April 26, 1970. This is the first birthday as a former First Lady that Donald's wife celebrates in her exclusive villa in Mar-a-Lago. And in a few months she has already revolutionized her life, opening a website where she offers herself, together with her husband, to attend parties and conferences. Obviously for a fee.

Following her farewell to the White House last January, when she took leave in a gorgeous black Chanel suit, Melania Trump made very few public appearances. In April, however, she was surprised twice for dinner with Donald. In one of these, she wore a cream-colored dress by Giambattista Valli ($ 1,190). Her entry alongside the Tycoon was accompanied by a welcome applause, a warmer welcome than those received when she was First Lady. On the other occasion, Melania sported an elegant dark dress with small light polka dots while enjoying a romantic dinner with her sweetheart in one of the most renowned restaurants in Mar-a-Lago.

So, the divorce rumors between her and the Tycoon can be permanently archived. If Donald Trump is intent on returning to the presidential elections in 2024, when he could find himself as challenger Meghan Markle, Melania is at his side. The former model is not thrilled to return to the White House, at least according to sources close to the couple, but once again she will make the best of a bad situation. Proof of this is the new site that the Trumps have opened.

It is called and offers the possibility to invite Donald and Melania Trump to an event. Just fill in a format with your data and those of the event, what kind of occasion it is, what is its title, place and date on which it will take place. It is also required to specify if there will be any media. Et voilà, Donald and Melania might consider attending the party you are organizing.

Unfortunately, however, due to the numerous requests, the Trump gentlemen are currently unable to provide updates on the state of affairs. But they do not fail to thank you for your understanding.

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