Melasma, why skin spots appear and how to protect yourself

Melasma is a skin imperfection that manifests itself with strange pigmentations on the face. It can be prevented by using a 50+ sunscreen

It can happen that on awakening there are spots on the skin, strange pigmentations on the face that only a few days before were not visible. This annoying situation can appear especially in the summer with maximum frequency on women's faces. Males are rarely affected.

Causes of melasma

We are not talking about a disease but about a simple skin imperfection which in dermatological terms is called Melasma. It mainly affects the area of ​​the mustache, cheekbones, cheeks and forehead with a distribution with clear edges reminiscent of a geographical map.
The causes of the appearance of this unsightly company are still unknown.

Often after a small anamnestic investigation, the dermatologist probably associates it with the recent intake of birth control pills, irregular hormonal movements, or in the vicinity of a recent pregnancy or breastfeeding that make this dermatosis take the name of chloasma gravidico. It is believed that the production of exuberant melanin that characterizes these spots is stimulated by hormonal complicity.

The most affected phototypes are III and IV, i.e. the darkest, as they are most strongly melanin-producing. The seasons most at risk of the appearance of these spots are spring and summer, when sun exposure is more important and the risk of being exposed without adequate photoprotection increases.

Prevention and therapies

The first therapeutic approach involves prevention. For those who know they suffer from this blemish it is good to use a 50 plus sunscreen every morning, there are many on the market also formulated in combination with lightening molecules that amplify the preventive and protective action. At the moment in which, despite the good photoprotection, the dark spot appears, lightening products for local use, especially at night, serums or creams are used. Often these products don't give quick satisfaction though.

With the arrival of the autumn season, the dermatologist can carry out outpatient lightening treatments: peeling or laser therapy. It is necessary to know the pathology well and choose the suitable type of laser. Sometimes laser therapy worsens the melasma itself.

The peelings instead consist in applying acid lightenings on the dark spots by using a brush, providing a sort of more or less deep exfoliation that has the effect of Calling the improvement of the hyperchromic patch. It is a safe method and well tolerated by the patient. It is therefore always a good practice not to expose yourself to the sun without photoprotection, an attitude that also reduces the risk of precancerous skin and photoaging.

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