Melatonin and menopause: what to know and what to do

Melatonin and menopause: what to know and what to do

Melatonin in menopause can be a valid ally to relieve some of the annoying symptoms of this particular condition of female life

During menopause, taking melatonin is a great way to combat the unpleasant symptoms that this particular stage in every woman's life can bring. This substance produced by the epiphysis, in fact, helps to regulate the sleep wake cycle. A harmonious circadian rhythm derives from a correct contribution of this secret.
Insomnia is precisely among the heaviest symptoms that menopause can cause: almost all women who go through this critical period complain that they have to overcome numerous white nights. On waking up they find themselves more tired than when they went to sleep.

This is a big problem: in fact, it is well known how lack of sleep is really harmful to health, both physical and mental. Thanks to melatonin intake, menopause can become less tiring to bear. The different hormonal concentration to which women are subject at this stage of their life inhibits the activity of the pineal gland: melatonin is no longer produced naturally. Fortunately, it is possible to take this substance in tablet form.

Among the numerous remedies that menopausal women can use, therefore, there is also this product. Obviously, one should not think that it is sufficient to rely on melatonin in menopause to solve the problem in a radical way. In fact, the help of this ally is not enough to go back to sleep nine straight hours of a deep and restful sleep. The results, however, can also be very significant: especially in cases where insomnia manifests itself as difficulty in falling asleep, taking melatonin can be an excellent solution.

More complex is the case in which the difficulty in sleeping is characterized by numerous nocturnal awakenings: the use of melatonin may not be conclusive. Obviously the use of melatonin in menopause must follow some precise rules, especially regarding the dosage. Furthermore, its prolonged use can have effects on blood pressure: those who are affected by imbalances in this sense should refrain from taking this drug. Even those suffering from diabetes should not resort to the use of melatonin, since this risks causing dangerous glycemic peaks that are difficult to manage.

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