Melissa Castagnoli: portrait of the beautiful Temptation Island temptress

Melissa Castagnoli: portrait of the beautiful Temptation Island temptress

Melissa Castagnoli participated in the 2016 edition of Temptation Island. Who is the beautiful temptress of the coolest reality show of the moment?

Who is Melissa Castagnoli, the beautiful Temptation Island temptress? Certainly the most discussed and paparazzato character of the 2016 edition of the lucky program. In the reality show he literally made Roberto Ranieri lose his head, engaged to the charming Valeria Vassallo.

Born in 1991. Model, showgirl but also TV presenter. Melissa Castagnoli was Miss Reggio Emilia and subsequently participated in the "Veline" program and in the "Miss Italy" competition. She was also host of "Direct Stadium", a football program broadcast on 7 Gold. In short, beautiful and enterprising. Also known for his love story with Mario Balotelli. However, the relationship between the beautiful temptress and Super Mario does not last long. It seems that the player did not like Melissa's guest at an episode of Chiambretti Night.

Melissa has her tastes in terms of men: she prefers footballers. In fact, after Balotelli, she was engaged to the Algerian footballer Kadar Ghezzal. Last March she was paparazzi while, on an evening at the Hollywood disco in Milan, she danced very complicit with the Argentine player Maxi Lopez.

The model, who is very present on social networks, a few days ago published a photo with a mysterious blue-eyed boy on her Instagram profile. Will it be a new flame or a simple friendship?

Temptation Island was a very popular reality show also for the story that involved the triangle Melissa, Roberto and Valeria. He who gives in to Melissa's charm and liquidates his fiancée Valeria. Then he himself receives the same treatment from Melissa, not interested in starting a relationship with him. Meanwhile, the Roberto-Valeria couple breaks out.

Melissa reveals that the role of the temptress is not absolutely easy but she declares herself very satisfied with the reality show. What plans will Melissa have for the future? Still nothing certain but according to rumors it could be the next tronista in the "Men and Women" program.

The events of Melissa and Roberto have divided the Italian spectators between those who have appreciated Melissa's behavior and those who defend Valeria with a sword. And which side are you on?

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