Melissa Satta in hospital on her birthday for an illness

Melissa Satta in hospital on her birthday for an illness

Melissa Satta, woman, wife and mother

"I had a small problem, but now everything is fine." With these words, Melissa Satta revealed to the weekly Diva and Donna what happened to her on February 7 last day of her 28th birthday. "Unfortunately I was really sick on my birthday. How bad! I was a little nervous, but if you are pregnant and you are not well, they keep you under observation for safety, and so it was. I went home and after two days of rest, everything is as it was before: now, however, I will stay in Germany and I will no longer take flights to Italy until the birth ".

The ex tissue is in the seventh month of pregnancy and Boateng, the father of the unborn child, immediately rushed to the hospital to be with her. Boateng learned of his girlfriend's illness while he was in Germany and took the first plane that would take him back to Düsseldorf from Milan without thinking twice. Only after seeing that mom and baby were well did he relax.

Melissa moved to German soil due to her partner's move to Schalke 04 and decided to give birth to their firstborn right in Germany. La Satta said that she will return to Italy to get married in her Sardinia and the wedding should be celebrated next summer, when the baby, who will be born in May, will only have a few months.

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