Melissa Satta without makeup, post the photo after shopping

Melissa Satta without makeup, post the photo after shopping

Melissa Satta, woman, wife and mother

However, Melissa Satta is beautiful even without makeup, while she arranges the shopping and posts the photo on Facebook for her fans.

It is now confirmed: the former tissue paper Melissa Satta is pregnant. And he posted on Instagram a photo of the "tummy" well in sight that triggers the comments of his fans. He appears truly fit and certainly happy for this state of grace.

To reveal the secret had been long ago the "socialite" Karina Cascella from her blog, where she had written that Melissa was waiting to pass the third month of pregnancy to make it public. In this regard, the former Men and Women columnist Karina Cascella had launched the indiscretion in her column by writing: best wishes to this wonderful new family! Obviously I believe that Satta is waiting, as we have done and they all do, for the third month, to confirm the news and rightly so ".

The bookieave immediately bet that by the end of the year the news would have been confirmed (a hypothesis at 1.20); the baby – the result of the love of the showgirl and the footballer Kevin Prince Boateng, a former Milan player sold to Schalke 04 – could be born in Italy (favorite at 1.60 over Germany, at 1.80). The quoters do not unbalance themselves on sex (the pink and blue bow are both played at 1.80), while the twins are worth 5 times the bet. If a girl is born, Christine, like Boateng's mother, is ahead on the totonome's blackboard, while Jennifer (like her ex-wife) is banked at 3.50. If it were a boy, however, another Kevin Prince jr is played at 2.00 (for Boa it rises to 5.50). Calling the little Christian – like the famous ex of Satta, the footballer Bobo Vieri – is worth 4 times the stake.

In support of the thesis there is also a photo that the same companion of Boateng has published on his Instagram, where he appears with an unusual tummy. Suspicious roundness or just a very loose stitch? The news of a suspected pregnancy has been circulating for a few days. During an interview recently released in Mattino Cinque (watch the video below), Satta did not hide the desire for motherhood: the story with the footballer Kevin Boateng is solid and the two would like to become parents. Who knows if the stork isn't already on the road.

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