Melon king of summer: less cellulite, more tan – Video

“The melon provides potassium, which favors the work of the kidneys », explains Dr. Anna D’Eugenio, nutritionist. «It is therefore useful for eliminating waste and toxins, it helps you deflate and fight cellulite which often forms due to stagnation of liquids. A meal consisting of ham and melon, a salad and a slice of bread (easy to eat even on the beach or in the office) is excellent. And not just to stimulate diuresis. In fact, it should not be forgotten that potassium helps to regulate blood pressure (counteracting its lowering due to the heat) ».

Protects the skin from the sun

Another strong point of the melon is its content of beta-carotene (to which it owes the orange color of the pulp) and vitamin C. «The beta-carotene, like a filter, shields the aggression of ultraviolet rays», adds our expert. «It therefore protects the skin from sunburn and photoaging, the premature aging due to exposure to the sun. Instead, vitamin C intervenes in the production of collagen and keeps the skin toned and elastic. A melon juice a day is ok to prepare you for tanning ».

So you digest it better

Cantaloupe is very rich in water and sugar, which can trigger stomach pain. The problem is easily cured by adding a pinch of salt or consuming it together with very savory foods. So you will enjoy all the benefits without side effects.

Check if it’s ripe

«Knock lightly on its peel», advises Coldiretti. “If the sound is dull, it’s ready to cut. To understand if it is ripe, it also evaluates the scent (it must be very sweet) and the consistency of the petiole (which must not be dry, but soft, and tend to detach easily).

Better smooth or netted?

Of medium size, it has a smooth surface and dark green veins. Is considered the tastiest and most fragrantbut should be consumed within a few days.

Its surface is covered by a thick mesh: this is why it is also called netted. It is less tasty but it keeps better.

Nutritional values
One hectogram of melon provides 32 mg of vitamin C, 189 mcg of beta-carotene, 333 mg of potassium, 90.1 g of water and 33 cal.

Article published on issue 25 of TipsForWomens on newsstands from 09/06/2015

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