Men and Women, Alessio Lo Passo: Debora is the new love

Men and Women, Alessio Lo Passo: Debora is the new love

The former tronista of Men and Women finds love after farewell to Roberta Bonfanti alongside Deborah

Alessio Lo Passing back to Men and Women? Although many hoped to see the model and entrepreneur back on the most famous throne of Italian television, it probably won't be. In fact, the former tronista has already found a new love after the end of the story with Roberta Bonfanti. A few months ago he had declared himself single during an interview, but now he has been paparazzi with a new flame.

According to the well-informed, the new girlfriend of Alessio Lo Passo is called Deborah, he is 31 years old and has a son. The two were photographed in Forte Dei Marmi between tenderness, kisses and effusions. The couple would have been together for six months, but would have managed to keep the story secret to this day. In fact, some time ago speaking of men and women and the possibility of returning to the throne Alessio Lo Passo had declared that he was single.

A short time later, however, the former tronista had revealed that he had met a special person whom he did not want to talk about openly. It seems that Debora is far from the world of entertainment and has managed, in a few months, to make the ex-protagonist of Men and Women lose their heads that they have managed to forget the turbulent story with Roberta Bonfanti. In fact, the two lived a one-year relationship between continuous ups and downs, which ended when Alessio Lo Passo decided to abandon once and for all the home he shared with his partner and with his children with the goalkeeper Sebastien Frey.

In the list of his many ex-famous, from Irene Capuano to Antonella Mosetti, passing through Caterina Siviero, Elisa Scheffler and well-known faces of Men and Women such as Pamela Compagnucci and Giulia Montanarini. Now Debora looks like a woman with a "normal" job and that has nothing to do with the showbiz. Will Alessio Lo Passo finally find true love this time?

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