Men and Women: Does Gianni Sperti have a secret love?

Men and Women: Does Gianni Sperti have a secret love?

According to the latest gossip, Gianni Sperti would have a secret love. It is a young and beautiful person who would keep hidden

Does Gianni Sperti have a secret love? According to the latest gossip, the men and women columnist would have a new love, which he would hide. It is not yet clear what the reason for this choice is, certainly there is that, the person in question would be "much younger than him and of breathtaking beauty".

Gianni Sperti has always been very keen on his privacy and has always decided not to speak publicly about his private life and his loves. After the end of the marriage with Paola Barale and the rebirth thanks to Maria De Filippi, the dancer and commentator jealously guarded her private life.

Despite this, the public has always shown great interest in the loves of Gianni Sperti and the world of gossip more than once has speculated about the alleged homosexuality of the men and women opinionist. For his part Sperti has never wanted to reveal anything and has done nothing but increase, in this way, the curiosity of everyone.

"We are all human beings – he wrote some time ago on Facebook, commenting on rumors about his homosexuality – and not belonging to this or that group! I consider prejudice-based homophobia, analogous to racism, xenophobia, anti-Semitism, and therefore discriminatory behavior. Dividing society into various groups of people does not belong to my lifestyle. Since he does not ask himself if one is heterosexual and, to declare it, I do not understand why, instead, the question is asked about homosexuality. I don't like labels and social classifications. Furthermore, the sexual life of human beings, according to my values, is to be considered private, whether we speak of straight or gay. So if I were, it would be my business ”.

The only confession of Gianni Sperti was about the will to have a child now that he is 43 years old. "Desire is there – he revealed some time ago -. It hurts me to think that, in a country like ours, there is no law that gives singles like me the chance to give someone a future "and adds:" the future does not scare me and if it should end all, I already have my plan B ".

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