Men and Women does not go on air: because the episode of April 5 is skipped

Maria De Filippi

Men and Women will not be there today 5 April: what will air in its place? When will the program conducted by Maria De Filippi return.

Men and Women, 25 years later: the protagonists

Men and Women will not be there today April 5th. The program conducted by Maria De Filippi stops, but only for one day: the Mediaset programming changes, on the occasion of Easter Monday. Instead of U&D, on the other hand, there will be reruns of the series with Sabrina Ferilli, Wake up my love, which is collecting an excellent critical and share success.

The suspension of the dating show is not so unusual, especially during the holidays or on the occasion of important days. Amici, also led by De Filippi, had also stopped on March 18, for the National Day dedicated to the Victims of Covid-19. The editorial staff, in fact, had shared an important communiqué, which invited "to reflect and share a pain that involves us all".

On the official Instagram profile of Men and Women, a wish for a Happy Easter to everyone was posted yesterday: "U&D will return to keep you company from Tuesday 6 April." A rather short stop, therefore, to celebrate Easter and Easter Monday in the name of conviviality and family, although the restrictions due to Covid-19.

For now, there is a lot of excitement: the spectators of the program can't wait to see Gemma Galgani, who has now become the undisputed queen. The lady of Italian TV has to deal with another refusal: will she give up the search for love, or will she use these days to reflect and take charge?

Knight Riccardo's refusal came like a bolt from the blue: he revealed, in fact, that he only sees Gemma as a friend. She did not take her decision well and let herself go to a liberating cry. In any case, according to the previews, Gemma and Nicola Vivarelli should go back to the studio together: probably, to deepen their acquaintance, hoping that it is the "right time".

The Mediaset schedule for today 5 April includes the rerun of Svegliati amore mio, the very successful fiction starring Sabrina Ferilli, Ettore Bassi and Francesco Arca. The latter, a guest at Verissimo from Toffanin, revealed that he was lucky to be able to act with Ferilli. Arca owes a lot to De Filippi: U&D gave him visibility in the entertainment world, after having participated as a tronista. When will Men and Women be back? The program will resume its usual programming from Tuesday 6 April at 2.45 pm.

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