Men and Women: Lucas' truth about Paola Caruso

Men and Women: Lucas' truth about Paola Caruso

After the sudden farewell between the bonas and the tronista of Men and Women, Lucas Peracchi returns to talk about Paola Caruso

What really happened between Paola Caruso and Lucas Peracchi? This was revealed by the former tronista of Men and Women, who wanted to respond to the comments of the Bonas of Avanti Un Altro, explaining why the couple separated and what was their role in this affair.

Lucas Peracchi and Paola Caruso had made their love story public immediately after Paola Caruso's exit from the Island of the Famous. The Calabrian soubrette had revealed that she had a passion for the former protagonist of Men and Women and had decided to start a serious love story with him. Then the unexpected and the announcement of the separation, with Lucas Peracchi appeared on social networks with another woman.

Lucas said he ended the relationship during a disco night, saying that he was no longer engaged to Paola Caruso. “I have to admit that I exaggerated. I am very instinctive and, after a strong quarrel, I was asked this question to which I answered without thinking "said the ex of Men and Women" I told the truth, the story was over, but I was wrong in the way of communicating it ".

Lucas' attitude would have angered Paola Caruso, who would then have released equally strong statements, claiming to have canceled the tronista from his life, blocking it on all social networks. Not only that: Paola had also explained that she had received several calls from Lucas, but that she had always snubbed him. A circumstance that the boy did not want to deny or confirm, however reiterating that the relationship is over.

"Paola needs someone close to her," explained Lucas, who for now enjoys the success and fame derived from his participation in Men and Women. Paola Caruso in the meantime seems to have already found someone who can console her and, according to the latest gossip, she was spotted with the brother of Manuela Arcuri.

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