Men and Women: Tara Gabrieletto operated urgently

Men and Women: Tara Gabrieletto operated urgently

Fear for Tara Gabrieletto, a former warden of Men and Women, urgently operated for breast lumps

Tara Gabrieletto operated urgently. The former suitors of Men and Women after discovering breast lumps underwent an operation to remove them. The young woman, after her wedding with Cristian Galella, known in Maria De Filippi's program, discovered through a check-up that she had some breast problems.

"I suffered from kidney colics and decided to undergo a check-up," Tara said. I later found out I had several nodules in my chest. I worried and when I picked up the report I panicked ". Immediately the Gabrieletto decided to undergo surgery to remove the nodules, especially due to several cases of cancer in her family. Alongside her at this difficult time there was, as always, Cristian Galella.

"I immediately called Cristian and together we asked for different opinions – explained the former suitors of Men and Women -. I have also removed the cysts for prevention, unfortunately in my family there have been several cases of cancer ".

The couple has been married since last June and revealed that they want a child. For the moment, however, Tara's health problems have forced the two to put the project on stand-by.
"We really want to start a family – explained Cristian -, but for the moment we have had to give it up because of Tara's state of health. We have already talked about it and when we recover we will come back to try again

Cristian and Tara form one of the most beloved couples of Men and Women. Their love was born in the program created by Maria De Filippi and was often lived under cameras. Lovers in fact also participated in Temptation Island. On the show, which will be back in June with the fourth edition, the two put their love to the test, leaving the show stronger than ever and determined to get married. Then a crisis, also told by Barbara D’Urso, finally the wedding, which took place in June last year.

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