Men and women, Tina's son dreams of the throne (and comments on the story between Amber and Kikò)

Men and women, Tina's son dreams of the throne (and comments on the story between Amber and Kikò)

Mattias Nalli, Tina Cipollari's eldest son, dreams of the throne of men and women and comments on the story between Amber and Kikò

Mattias, the eldest son of Kikò and Tina Cipollari, dreams of the throne of Men and Women and speaks for the first time about his father's relationship with Ambra Lombardo. The vamp and hairstylist have been linked for over ten years. From their love, which began in Maria De Filippi's studies, three children were born: Mattias, Francesco and Gianluca.

The eldest son is 15 and looks very much like his dad. He is already a star on Instagram and has over 18,000 followers. These days Tina's son has agreed to answer questions from his followers and the result has been surprising. In fact, we managed to understand what he thinks of the story between Ambra and Kikò at the GF, after the (much criticized) kiss, but above all we discovered that he could participate in Men and Women as a tronista.

Mattias is still a minor, but when he turns 18 he could earn a place in the program where love between his parents was born. Many hope for it, especially because the boy seems to have inherited the beauty of Tina and Kikò, but also their strong character.

He seems rather inclined to the idea of ​​ascending the throne. "Once I thought about it too – he explained to the followers talking about a possible participation in U&D -. Why not?". Shortly after Mattias Nalli also spoke about the relationship between Amber and Kikò.

As is well known, Francesco, Tina's second son, criticized Lombardo after the kiss to the GF, questioning his sincerity. Cipollari also appeared rather skeptical about a possible love story between the teacher and her ex-husband.

But Mattias thinks differently. “I know that my younger brother Francesco commented on what happened between my father and Amber – he revealed -. I am of the opinion that if my father is happy, I am also happy. So if he is happy with you, it doesn't give me any problems, on the contrary, I am happy too.

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