Menopause, acupuncture to reduce symptoms

Menopause, acupuncture to reduce symptoms

According to some scientific studies acupuncture is effective to counteract the annoying symptoms of menopause

Menopause, the 10 symptoms to recognize it

Acupuncture can help reduce the symptoms of menopause, improving the conditions of women who are experiencing this new phase of life.

A scientific research reveals that acupuncture would be effective to reduce hot flashes, excessive sweating, fatigue, mood swings, depression and sleep disorders. The study, which involved 70 women, was published in the journal BMJ OPEN and led by Kamma Sundgaard Lund, from the University of Copenhagen.

The scientists divided a large sample of women into two groups. The first group was subjected to a weekly acupuncture session carried out by doctors with decades of experience in the field. The volunteers were then asked to record their symptoms from the beginning of the treatment until the end. 80% of them said they had a clear improvement in their psychophysical conditions.

Acupuncture has helped menopausal women to cope with hot flashes, hair and skin problems, sleep disturbances and excessive sweating both day and night.

"We believe that the intervention with acupuncture is more relevant for women who experience moderate to severe menopausal symptoms – the experts explained -. Acupuncture is a realistic option against menopausal symptoms for women who cannot or do not wish to take HRT ”.

Acupuncture is a "complementary medicine" that has been recognized by the WHO and has an efficacy demonstrated by scientific studies. It is a very ancient practice that is part of traditional Chinese medicine and allows to cure the ailment by restoring the flow of vital energy into the body, acting on some specific points.

Today it is used to treat numerous ailments such as back pain, muscle contractures, sciatica and plantar fasciitis, but also chronic headache, migraine, facial paresis, neuritis, atopic dermatitis and itching. Its effectiveness has also been demonstrated in cases of asthma, conjunctivitis, constipation, irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, nausea and hemorrhoids.

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