Menopause high blood pressure: attention to aspirin

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Medical tips to counteract hypertension in menopause: healthy diet and goodbye to aspirin

Approaching menopause should not be seen as a condemnation. Many women are almost resigned to the idea of ​​having to see their weight increase and at the same time find themselves fighting with hypertension. It is a real problem, which affects many women, but which should not be considered inevitable. There is something we can do, following the advice of the experts, as in the case of Dr. Filippo Crea, director of the department of cardiovascular sciences at the Gemelli in Rome.

The first step to take against hypertension, the doctor explains, is to periodically check your blood pressure. In fact, there are no symptoms to watch out for, so a check can be useful and saving, since hypertension is a strong risk factor for stroke and heart attack. If at a young age the pressure values ​​of a woman are on average lower than in men, with the passing of the years these are stabilizing. Once menopause has reached, there can be a rapid increase in values, for reasons that are not yet entirely clear. For this reason, however, it is essential to monitor minimum and maximum regularly.

More and more women rely on hormone replacement therapy, which, however, has not offered unequivocal data to confirm that it reduces the cardiovascular risk. In fact, there are some studies that explain how this therapy can increase them. The advice is therefore to use it with caution and thrift, only when the symptoms of menopause should show a disturbing intensity.

As mentioned, at this stage of a woman's life, values ​​come close to those of a man. We therefore tend to give the same advice. The lifestyle to be conducted should be based on regular weight control. It would therefore be useful to check the body mass index, dividing one's weight by the squared height. If the result is between 20 and 25, there will be nothing to worry about.

Often, over the years, all physical activity is renounced, while one's body would need continuous stimulation, along with a healthy diet based on vegetables and fish, and the final farewell to smoking (if smoking). A correct lifestyle can do a lot to keep the pressure under control. However, if this is not enough, anti-hypertensive drugs will have to be used.

Treating yourself, based on your own experiences and those of acquaintances, is never a good idea. It is therefore advisable to rely on the care of your doctor. Aspirin is often used, but it must be remembered that a woman who develops hypertension in menopause, but does not have a clinical history of cardiovascular disease, should not use it (same applies to men). It is a remedy often used and completely incorrect and not recommended by doctors.

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