Menstrual pains: here are the best natural remedies

Menstrual pains: here are the best natural remedies

For those suffering from menstrual pain, the appointment with the cycle can prove to be a real nightmare. Fortunately, nature comes to meet us

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The menstrual cycle is an appointment that every woman knows she has to answer once a month. However, this moment of life is not always lived with serenity, as muscle cramps swelling irritability, pain in the bones and muscles, as well as fatigue, can interfere with everyday life. Fortunately for us, even in this case, nature can be our ally. A tip in case of widespread swelling, a sense of heaviness, irritability and abdominal cramps, is the regular consumption of herbal teas which allow you to take the best from nature and allow to let us choose the spices and plants that we like best. Research also confirms the beneficial effect of heat; in fact it seems that this relaxes the muscles (a bit like when using the hot water bag).

The best-known herbal tea is chamomile, but there are many other possibilities. For example, starting to consume herbal tea based on agnocasto in the days preceding the cycle will have a beneficial effect on mood, breast tenderness and regulation of menstrual flow. Then add some ginger or cinnamon, it can help to find good humor and concentration in case of exhaustion. Carnation, ginger or powder mustard powder can be used dissolved in a basin containing hot water in which the feet will be immersed ( also in this case it takes advantage of the heat that will alleviate our cramps. Another alternative is massages in this regard it is recommended to use essential oils such as geranium, cinnamon or chilli (known for its vasodilatory properties) and then proceed by massaging tummy, legs and feet; in this way we will combine the calming effect of the massage, the power of the oils and the pleasure of taking care of themselves.

However, nature can also help us in nutrition. We often neglect the importance of feeding ourselves properly which does not mean not eating, but introducing those foods that can be good for our body. It is therefore necessary to avoid refined sugars (white sugar) in those "days" and instead prefer cane sugar; it is good to increase the consumption of fruit and vegetables such as spinach (rich in iron useful for combating spasms) or lentils; other recommended foods are for example pumpkin seeds. Another important tip is to try to immerse yourself in nature. If possible, it is advisable to put the suit on and take a nice walk in nature: the soothing and regenerating effect of the plants will benefit our well-being.

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