Mia Ceran breastfeeds her child on set: because a mother has the right to ask for help

Mia Ceran breastfeeds her child on set: because a mother has the right to ask for help

The presenter shared a very tender photo on Instagram, launching an appeal to all mothers

Everything is ready for a new season of Quelli che il calcio, a historic broadcast that accompanies us throughout the entire Serie A championship. And for Mia Ceran it is time to go back to work, even if she has recently become a mother: in a very tender photo , showed her fans how she manages to juggle breastfeeding and professional needs. But behind that shot there is much more.

The presenter has in fact shared a very intimate moment, in which she feeds her little Bruno while he rests for a moment in the dressing room. An image with a disarming sweetness, which however can have many implications. And it is Mia Ceran who brings them to light. “A few days ago, less than a month after his birth, Bruno came to work with me” – reads the photo caption on Instagram.

“It all seems very quiet and peaceful in this shot, but no one had immortalized the times I had dinner taken by my partner or when I tried to hide the noise of the breast pump during a work call; this image is certainly more Instagram friendly but I share it because I realized that behind a moment of peace like this, in which you have the privilege of taking your child to the workplace and being able to breastfeed him during breaks, there are many people who have you extended a hand “.

And again: “I too was a fan of the rhetoric of ‘I can do it alone and I can reconcile everything’, then I realized that having the ambition to be Wonder Woman is not only unattainable (at least for me), but it is also wrong. It is a big scam to think that women must always demonstrate that they can do everything on their own (for those who can do it only compliments, mind you). Instead, you need to ask for all the help you can get without being ashamed. […] I realized that in the first months of a child’s life there are no good or bad mothers (yet how much judgment there is); there are women who are helped and supported and women left alone in a wonderful but delicate moment “.

Mia Ceran’s long message hides (certainly, not too subtly) the need of a new mother to find support to recover a balance that has now vanished into thin air. A child brings great happiness and immense love into the house, but it also represents a real challenge in trying to reconcile the new role of mother with what she already had before. And whether it is a career woman or a housewife, the center of gravity inevitably shifts and a bit of effort is needed to find one’s support base.

To do this, it is important to ask for help. No shame, no fear: being more fragile at such a delicate moment in your life is a right, as is having the opportunity to receive support. And then the words of Mia Ceran arrive, crystalline. “If you need help: ask for it. If you can give it: offer it ”.

Mia Ceran, the appeal to new mothers

Mia Ceran

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