Mia Ceran pregnant, the announcement live on Quelli che il calcio

Mia Ceran pregnant, the announcement live on Quelli che il calcio

At the opening of the episode, the splendid Mia Ceran gave the happy news: she is expecting her first child

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An opening with a bang, the one that surprised all the fans of Quelli che il calcio: the new episode of the sports broadcast saw Mia Ceran enter the studio accompanied by Luca Bizzarri and Paolo Kessisoglu, who staged a nice curtain to give the good news. The presenter is in fact pregnant for the first time.

Mia Ceran wanted to wait for the live broadcast to announce the happy news, thus giving viewers a wonderful surprise. As soon as the cameras turned on the trio, a funny sketch began at the end of which the presenter revealed: “I'm expecting a baby”. Among the applause of those present, his emotion was evident. And of course Luca and Paolo congratulated her on this wonderful news.

At the same time, Mia also broke the news on Instagram, sharing two stunning photos that highlight her tummy – apparently, the pregnancy is now advanced. "Great expectations (and for once I'm not talking about the episode)" – wrote the journalist in the caption, leaving little doubt about which announcement she wanted to give to her fans. This is her first child, and she hasn't decided to reveal any more details yet – so we don't know if it will be a boy or a girl.

Obviously, on social media, comments started pouring in immediately after the photos were published. Among the many who wanted to congratulate Ceran, some of the most famous names on TV stand out: from Francesca Barra to Victoria Cabello, from Eleonora Pedron to Antonella Clerici, everyone spent beautiful words to congratulate the presenter in this exciting moment of his life.

Mia Ceran has long been romantically linked to Malcom Pagani, also a journalist (he is the son of the writer Barbara Alberti and her ex-husband Amedeo Pagani). The couple saw love blossom several years ago, and it is now well established thanks to coexistence: the two have in fact decided to take their relationship to the next step by going to live together in Rome. Always very reserved, they never wanted to talk about their private life. But for this time they made a small exception.

Mia Ceran pregnant, the announcement on live tv

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