Michela Quattrociocche comes out with her new boyfriend after leaving Aquilani

Michela Quattrociocche comes out with her new boyfriend after leaving Aquilani

Michela Quattrociocche comes out into the open with Giovanni Naldi after the end of the marriage with Alberto Aquilani

Michela Quattrociocche and Alberto Aquilani: story of a finished love

Michela Quattrociocche no longer hides and comes out into the open with her new boyfriend Giovanni Naldi, who arrived in her life after leaving Alberto Aquilani. The actress and the manager had been paparazzi together in Mykonos and in these days, surprisingly, Michela has decided to make her new love public. In the Instagram Stories he posted some shots in which the two smile together, happy and in love.

The images tell the couple's romantic journey to Sant’Agata sui Due Golfi, a hamlet of Massa Lubrense, Naples, a few weeks after the moments of passion lived in Greece, the first stop of their summer. Giovanni Naldi comes from a very well-known family of hoteliers and is the owner of some luxury properties all over the world. The meeting with the star of Sorry but I call you love would have taken place at the Parco dei Principi hotel in Rome that Michela attends assiduously.

A love, that for Giovanni, that Quattrociocche has chosen to live in the light of only a few months after the break with Alberto Aquilani. The actress and the Roma footballer got married in 2012 after a romantic meeting on the set and had created a wonderful family with their daughters Aurora and Diamante. The announcement of the divorce, after eight years of marriage, had come like a bolt from the blue. The two, according to some rumors, would have left peacefully and would have already reached an agreement.

Both the sportsman and the actress never wanted to comment on the end of their relationship in order to protect their daughters and live this complicated moment peacefully. "There remains a great affection between us, as parents who are and remain proud of having built a beautiful family, with two wonderful daughters – they said announcing the separation -. Those who love us will know how to respect our privacy, especially for the serenity and protection of our daughters. For this reason, from today, we will no longer talk about all this with anyone ", declared the joint press release issued in May 2020 ″.

If Michela has found love with Giovanni Naldi, Alberto Aquilani is still single and focused only on his career. "Separation agreements almost concluded between Michela Quattrociocche and Alberto Aquilani – revealed the weekly Chi -. The footballer keeps his family home, an ancient villa, Michela moves and leaves the marital roof. But his heart, by now, is already beating for another, a wealthy Roman businessman. Who knows if Aquilani knows who is the new prince charming of his ex-wife ”.

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