Michele Bravi: "Words are as important as intentions"

Michele Bravi: "Words are as important as intentions"

Michele Bravi, his reply to Pio and Amedeo from the stage of the Concertone: “Words are as important as intentions. It took me a long time to find the right ones to tell my love for a boy "

Felicissima sera di Pio and Amedeo was an incredible success (in part) announced. And the final scene, with all the show workers, from the dancers, to the technicians, from the costume designers to the cameramen, on stage, to receive the applause of the audience and the embrace of the same Pio and Amedeo, was perhaps the most beautiful thing. , exciting and successful. For sure, the one that everyone agreed. A little less the monologue on the need to clear the politically correct, which put a gag on any word, now considered offensive. "It is not the word that counts, but the intention with which it is used," the duo reiterated. Suggesting to those who suffer insults to "laugh in the face" to those who use them with the intent to offend.

But in the aftermath of the episode, quite a few voices were raised against their considerations. Especially on the part of those who have experienced discrimination and offenses (such as Vladimir Luxuria) or took a long time to find the right words to answer. Like Michele Bravi, who from the stage of the Concertone on May 1st expressed his thoughts on the value and importance of the word, replying, albeit indirectly to Pio and Amedeo:

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about the use of words. Someone said that intention is much more important than the words used. I want to say one thing as an author: I use words to describe the creative vision of the world. And for me, words are just as important as intentions. Words write history, even the lightest words can have an enormous weight to bear. It took me many years to find the right words to tell my love for a boy. For this I say thank you all of you who still want to listen to the words of the artists and give the right weight to the words …

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