Michelle and Trussardi spare no expense: starred chefs for the wedding banquet

Michelle and Trussardi spare no expense: starred chefs for the wedding banquet

Michelle Hunziker, tender mother with a big belly

As a good Swiss, you will just skip an episode of Striscia to get married (the witness will be the author Antonio Ricci, ed) and return with his incomparable smile to the conduct in a very short time. Michelle Hunziker is like that. He had shown this to us by giving birth to the little Sole Trussardi practically live, demonstrating in real time how stubborn and determined he was in enduring labor. And if this was the case for childbirth, let alone for her marriage.

Michelle has already planned all that is necessary for her second yes on which she fictionalized after the decision to postpone the wedding in order not to superimpose the happy event on that of the former Eros Ramazzotti with Marica Pellegrinelli. But Hunziker never stopped, on the contrary. He will marry his Tomaso Trussardi, as he tells the weekly F, with a baby bump since he is waiting for a baby, the third after Aurora and Sole.

"When I learned that I was pregnant I was in Forte dei Marmi with Tomaso and laughing I told him that I was late and if he could go to the pharmacy to buy me a pregnancy test …". The result? Positive. "To communicate it, I waited for the end of the third month," then she told everyone via Twitter, she doesn't like exclusives on these things. "

Nothing transpires on the dress, while for the wedding banquet Michelle and Tomaso called 4 star chefs for a competition with shots of delicious food: the four chefs, in fact, Carlo Cracco, Antonino Cannavacciulo, Chicco Cerea and Norbert Niederkofler. "Eating is our passion. Tomaso and I go hundreds of miles to eat well," says Michelle. Who knows if considering the pregnancy he will be able to eat everything …

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