Michelle Hunziker, a sea quarrel with Tomaso Trussardi

Michelle Hunziker, a sea quarrel with Tomaso Trussardi

Tension between Michelle Hunziker and her husband Tomaso Trussardi: the couple argues in public

Even the most close-knit couples quarrel: this time it fell to Michelle Hunziker and Tomaso Trussardi, immortalized while arguing at the sea. 42 years old, she is 36 years old, they have been linked since 2014 and have two daughters: Sole and Celeste.

A solid and strong love, grown after the farewell of Hunziker to Eros Ramazzotti. On Instagram, where she tells her days, Michelle often posted photos with her husband, with dedications of love and smiles. But like everyone, couple life is not just a bed of roses, but often there are comparisons that are rather hard.

A rule that also applies to VIPs. In the shots published on Diva and Donna, we see a furious Michelle Hunziker, while discussing with Tomaso Trussardi in the water, during a holiday in Sardinia with the family. He tries to calm her, but there is nothing to do. The situation improves when the couple reaches the bed, on the beach, and finally there is a sign of relaxation.

This is a very special situation for fans of the Swiss presenter, accustomed to seeing her always smiling and happy. Michelle, however, has never hidden the fact that she is a very passionate woman, especially when it comes to love. What will have made Hunziker so angry? Difficult to say, the important thing is that the calm has returned with Tomaso Trussardi.

Family vacations are not over yet. After Forte dei Marmi and a brief stay in the Dolomites, the presenter flew to Sardinia with the whole family. Shortly after he shared some videos and shots in the Stories that tell a day with her husband, showing how the relationship is going full steam ahead, despite some quarrels.

While waiting to see her at the helm of Amici Vip, Hunziker has not yet abandoned her dream of having a fourth child. The showgirl in fact has repeatedly declared to dream of a boy to keep company with her children Sole, Celeste and the first-born Aurora, born of love for Eros Ramazzotti.

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