Michelle Hunziker amazing on Instagram: announces news and clarifies about pregnancy

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker announces news in sight but denies being pregnant. Someone speculates that she will soon become a grandmother thanks to Aurora Ramazzotti

Michelle Hunziker, the most beautiful bikinis on Instagram

Michelle Hunziker enchants Instagram followers by sharing a photo of her with an aggressive look on her profile. Black leather hat and biker jacket like a real rocker. And it announces great news coming, but immediately sheds light on a possible pregnancy.

The beautiful Swiss presenter follows the trend of the moment and as Meghan Markle and Federica Panicucci shows up on Instagram with a leather outfit to make an important announcement: "" Each hat has its hidden ideas "mine conceals the arrival of some news … ". And since she has been used for years now that every time she talks about some change in her life, rumors break out about an alleged new expectation, she prevents gossip and clarifies: "(I'm not pregnant😂)", but in any case "I don't see time to reveal it to you though !!!! 💋💋💋 baciooooo! ".

What news it is not known. And the fans go wild with the assumptions. Some think that Michelle Hunziker has found the elixir of eternal youth. After all, his virtual workouts have become a must. Even Elisabetta Gregoraci has tried them and if that is the result, you should definitely follow them. In fact, someone wrote on Michelle's Instagram profile: "Did you discover the elixir to always stay young and beautiful ??? 😍😍🔥🔝".

Others think about her television commitments: “In my opinion, the recordings of the music program you do on the 5 are starting”, others to projects related to her beauty brand. Many, however, dwell on the clarification of the expectation and comment: "😂😂😂 Emphasizing I'm not pregnant is too strong 🤣 💪 the hat is perfect like the Hunziker 😍😍😍 good luck for the project". And then: "Of course … think if you were pregnant and you got a boy who knows what beauty it would be😍".

But some fans suspect that it is not Michelle Hunziker who is pregnant but someone who is very close to her, namely her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti who is experiencing a fabulous love story with Goffredo Cerza. And it would not even be the first time that the suspicion of a sweet expectation concerns her, so much so that she reacted in an ironic way by publishing a poll in the Stories of Instagram. Here then, several followers of Hunziker ask her: "Become a grandmother ???". And then: “Nonna hunziker“.

Meanwhile, everyone agrees on one thing. The beautiful Michelle is amazing with that look: “Very nice this look at the Female Harbor Front”. And obviously the adjective most used to describe it is "wonderful".

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker- Source: Instagram

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