Michelle Hunziker and Arisa, a change of look for autumn between short cuts and platinum shades

Michelle Hunziker e Arisa

A big and important change for Michelle Hunziker and Arisa: short cuts and platinum shades to face autumn with a smile

Vip and change of look: all the cuts and colors to copy

Michelle Hunziker gives us a break. And yes, because after so many years of long, flowing hair, the Swiss presenter has decided to overturn her appearance with a completely new styling and with which she prepares to face autumn. After all, television commitments are already fixed, with the new edition of All Together Now renewing itself after several years.

The presenter and showgirl tacitly announces changes in her life – professional or personal – with a cryptic phrase that has left many doubts in the many fans who have always followed her: "Great revolutions are made in silence …". Its beauty has remained intact, if not enhanced, but the curiosity remains to know what it has in mind for the next few weeks.

Michelle Hunziker comes from a long vacation in the mountains that she shared with her family and friend Serena Autieri, as she testified through some funny photos in which she showed herself in the company of the Neapolitan actress during an unusual coffee consumed in the middle of the hay . The new cut could therefore change his life or career: only time can tell us something more. Someone, among the comments, has also insinuated the doubt that it could be a wig since the presenter is used to wearing them on stage.

Arisa also moved in the same vein, reaching the hairdresser for a new and particular look that highlighted her particular beauty. The choice to shave to zero did not come by chance. As is known, the Lucanian artist suffers from trichotillomania and that is why she decided to wear her hair short, precisely to avoid tearing and damaging them.

The short cut is however the one that best suits her face, despite the many months spent wearing long wavy extensions that have changed her look. For an extra touch, Arisa also decided on a platinum tint that she created on the short regrowth of the drastic cut and which gives it a completely unique light. The singer has accustomed us to her rapid and unexpected upheavals in appearance but it is always curious to witness the fluctuations in her character that often pass through the aesthetic aspect between cuts and new colors.

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