Michelle Hunziker beautiful with Aurora, dream vacation in Sicily

Michelle Hunziker beautiful with Aurora, dream vacation in Sicily

Beautiful holidays for Michelle Hunziker and her wonderful family: the photo with Aurora enchanted everyone

Michelle Hunziker, the most beautiful bikinis on Instagram

It seems to be a truly dream summer, the one that Michelle Hunziker is experiencing with her family. The beautiful presenter is enjoying wonderful days of fun and relaxation, always together with her loved ones. And one of the latest photos he shared with his fans really blew everyone away.

Michelle, gorgeous as ever, sits next to her daughter Aurora Ramazzotti, in the enchanting setting of the Scala dei Turchi, a renowned Sicilian tourist resort that attracts millions of visitors every year for its rare beauty. "Chat between mother and daughter in a truly surreal location … Turkish Stairs (outside the protected area of ​​course)" – writes Hunziker captioning the photo that, in a very short time, was filled with likes and enthusiastic comments from followers. And from this shot emerges, overbearing, all the love and complicity that has always reigned between Michelle and her eldest daughter, a relationship of great understanding.

But there is much more: for the presenter, Sicily has a very important meaning. She herself revealed, in a photo announcing her arrival on the island, how it was this region that made her "become" Italian: "Sicily … this is where I was baptized into Italianness. In a summer of 1992 in Militello I had the experience that 'flashed' me to the point of wanting to become Italian one day! From warm ricotta in its serum in the morning, brought by my friends' grieving grandmother, to walks in the endless expanses of reddish earth and prickly pears. An ancient land full of culture and wonderful scents with its hospitable people who welcome you as if you were a member of their family… ”- explains Michelle.

In short, returning to Sicily is a bit like starting from her origins, in a place that evokes in her youthful memories that are still indelible in her memory. Perhaps this is also the reason why these summer holidays seem to be very special for Michelle. Despite the difficult period we are experiencing, the radiant presenter has decided to give her family some truly memorable days, including trips out of town in beautiful locations (in the Dolomites and Emilia Romagna, just to name a few) and a quick trip to Germany, the only concession far from Italy (but for work).

And her Instagram profile is a memory album that immortalizes Michelle Hunziker, her husband, her daughters and her beloved dogs in some of the happiest and most carefree moments of this year.

michelle hunziker

Michelle Hunziker and Aurora Ramazzotti – Photo: Instagram

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