Michelle Hunziker confesses to her fourth child

Michelle Hunziker confesses to her fourth child and goes back to talking about Giovanna Botteri

Michelle Hunziker talks about herself in the pages of the Corriere della Sera and talks about the possibility of having a fourth child. The showgirl has never hidden the desire to expand the family after the arrival of Celeste and Sole, the result of her love for Tomaso Trussardi. The presenter is also Aurora's mother, born from her marriage to Eros Ramazzotti, but has repeatedly revealed that she is dreaming of a fourth male child.

In the last period, however, his priorities would have changed. In fact, Michelle has revealed that she wants to dedicate herself completely to the three daughters who already keep her busy. "A son? For the moment, no – he explained -, I give priority to the family, I am already the mother of three beautiful daughters, the youngest ones give me physical work because they are full of vitality while the older one, 23 years old and gives me to do from the heart and head. Then I am 43 years old, I am not very young, if it is welcome. "

After the television engagements, Michelle is dedicating herself to the family, ready for a summer that will be all Italian for her. "I went back to the places of my childhood – he explained to Corriere – my connection with Italy was Romagna, for me Gatteo a Mare was the Maldives". With her the youngest daughters – Sole and Celeste – her husband Tomaso Trussardi, Aurora Ramazzotti with her boyfriend Goffredo Cerza and Sara Daniele, Aurora's best friend and daughter of the great Pino, who spent the quarantine with the whole family.

Michelle also commented on the now famous Botteri case, which broke out after a report by Striscia la Notizia on the journalist and cost Hunziker insults and malice. “I was shocked by the amount of the amount of offenses and bad things – he explained -, even death threats to me, to my family, to my daughter Aurora. Then after Giovanna Botteri's video the keyboard lions calmed down ”. The issue was resolved after the reporter's intervention, but still left a mark on the showgirl, who on Instagram and on television had to defend herself against accusations that turned out to be false.

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