Michelle Hunziker, dedicates it to mother Ineke on Instagram

Michelle Hunziker, dedicates it to mother Ineke on Instagram

The presenter has published a beautiful shot that sees her in the company of her mother accompanied by profound words

A long post with very profound words and a beautiful shot: Michelle Hunziker posted a photo on Instagram that portrays her in the company of her mother Ineke. An image that sees them together, with their faces close together and from which all their similarity and the beauty they share emerges.

The presenter shows off her engaging smile, which the public now knows very well and loves, at her side, mother Ineke is wonderful: with her gaze aimed at the camera, eyes from which all the happiness of a parent emerges next to their child.

Michelle has recently turned 44 and her beauty is evident, not only the external one, but also the internal one that comes out of the same words she decided to write for her mother.

In the long post on Instagram she shared with her followers (many, the presenter is in fact followed by over 4.8 million fans) some very profound reflections on her mother.

“Mami – wrote Michelle Hunziker placing a heart next to it, and then continue -. Mum is always mum. When you have differences with your Mom, always remember that she has carried you under her heart for nine months. When Mum makes a mistake, perhaps she does it because, like all humans, she has limits, certain defects… if you can, however… forgive her because even when she makes a mistake she always does it thinking she is doing you good. I love you ", concluding his thought by adding another emoji with a red heart.

One shot and words that have gotten many likes and comments. Michelle Hunziker on social media is used to sharing a lot of her life with her many followers: from reflections to funny curtains, to beautiful family shots in which she shows her three daughters, her husband Tomaso Trussardi, her mother or her dogs.

There are also posts related more to work, such as those published on the occasion of Danza con me, the program by Roberto Bolle aired on January 1st. In the show his performance had been particularly touching.

And now, instead, Michelle wanted to talk about her mother, posting a beautiful shot that impressed the fans.

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker, the post on Instagram

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