Michelle Hunziker driving the stroller of the little sun

Michelle Hunziker driving the stroller of the little sun

Michelle Hunziker, tender mother with a big belly

For Michelle Hunziker, spending time, purchases destined for the little Sun and in view of the next wedding with her partner, as well as father of her second son, Tomaso Trussardi (protagonist of Project Runway).

The presenter of Striscia la notizia, who after the birth of the baby is dedicating herself to motherhood and those tasks related to the next wedding, lived the birth and the aftermath of controversy, criticism and comments regarding her choice not to abandon the conduct of the satirical news.

Far from the TV spotlight, Michelle dedicates herself to daily activities such as that of small objects for her little girl in a shop in the center of Milan, dedicated to the furnishing of children's bedrooms.

From the photos we publish, the Hunziker shows herself serene and affectionate with the Sun that we do not see because it is sheltered. And it is she who closes and reopens the stroller with care and attention, showing in spite of herself, the ring of sapphires and diamonds given to her by Tomaso.

A practical mother who manages to demonstrate familiarity with modern 'supports', without incurring any particular dramas.

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