Michelle Hunziker, far from her family, enjoys success in Germany

Michelle Hunziker, far from her family, enjoys success in Germany

The splendid Swiss presenter went to Cologne to host the final episode of a famous show

Michelle Hunziker, the most beautiful bikinis on Instagram

Michelle Hunziker is back to work. The Swiss presenter and showgirl, after the holidays with her family, went back to work. For her first professional engagements after the summer break, Michelle Hunziker flew to Germany, to be precise in Cologne.

The wife of Tomaso Trussardi shared, through the Stories of Instagram, some details of the backstage of the final episode of the transmission she leads for German TV. Hunziker specifically showed makeup and hair style, a wonderful bun that she defined as a masterpiece.

Obviously, the final result shot was not missing: Michelle Hunziker gorgeous and ready to go on stage wearing a wonderful old pink long dress and perfect to enhance the dizzying physique of the presenter, who at 43 is as beautiful as when she was 20.

Hunziker, who is followed by over 4 million people on Instagram, also shared with her many fans… the after show! The presenter, again through the Stories, in fact showed up the next morning shortly after dawn, sitting at what appears to be a table in a bar.

“Good morning, it's 6.31. I went to bed at 2.30, but the happiness is very much because I see my family ”: these are the words of the presenter who, ironic as always, in the following Story recovered while pretending to sleep sitting.

In Cologne for work in the company of the trusted make-up artist Laura Barenghi, Michelle Hunziker spoke on Instagram about the journey not only through the Stories, but also with a photo that sees her sitting in one of the corners of the German city.

In the long caption, the presenter and showgirl, who spent her holidays between the sea and the mountains in the company of her husband and younger daughters Sole and Celeste, tells of the introspection that Germany encourages, of the famous and beautiful cathedral of Cologne and of the stories of love that he got to know during the German trip, focusing on one in particular.

No doubt about it: even when she is dedicated to work, Michelle Hunziker is always ready to send important messages to her fans and never forget the love for her wonderful family!

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