“Michelle Hunziker in crisis with Tomaso Trussardi”: she clarifies

“Michelle Hunziker in crisis with Tomaso Trussardi”: she clarifies

"Michelle Hunziker in crisis with Tomaso Trussardi": the Swiss showgirl clarifies what is happening

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Michelle Hunziker sheds light on the gossip of a crisis with Tomaso Trussardi. The Swiss showgirl, interviewed by the weekly Oggi, responded to the rumors that reported misunderstandings and problems with her husband. 44 years old and a long career on TV, Michelle has had two great loves in her life.

The first with Eros Ramazzotti, met in the nineties during a concert. A strong bond, crowned by the wedding and the birth of the first daughter Aurora. Then the farewell, arrived in 2002, when Michelle was prey to a sect. A difficult moment that the presenter had the courage to tell only a long time later. The real rebirth for her came in 2011 when she met Tomaso Trussardi. The entrepreneur, with gentleness and determination, managed to win the heart of Hunziker. The couple married in 2014 and their daughters Sole and Celeste were born from their love.

Smiling and lively she, more reserved and thoughtful he: Michelle and Tomaso seem to complement each other. Their bond immediately appeared solid and over the years they managed to form a family in which harmony reigns. Despite this, the couple has not been exempt from rumors of crisis and rumors that there are problems between them. Michelle Hunziker herself thought of answering the gossip this time. The presenter, interviewed by the weekly Oggi, clarified that she is very happy with her husband.

“But what a crisis with Tomaso! In the summer, if there are no arguments about me, it turns out that we are in crisis – he said -. They write it every year. We're fine, thanks ". Hunziker, with her usual sincerity, revealed that she has a secret to be comfortable with the whole family. “Sometimes I feel the need for silence and relaxation – he confided -. At that point I ask Tomaso to take the whole family and go to Bergamo. I enjoy half a day at home alone. I just need to read, eat on the floor in front of a TV series, doze off… Simple things that recharge me. Then I join them. Seen? I'm human too! ". His summer will be, once again, full of love, with a trip to the Dolomites: "My husband loves the mountains. Our summers are now at the top: we love those places ”, he revealed.

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