Michelle Hunziker is back on TV with All Together Now: the appointment in the fall

Michelle Hunziker is back on TV with All Together Now: the appointment in the fall

Michelle Hunziker does not miss a beat: the presenter will soon be back at the helm of "All Together Now"

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Michelle Hunziker scores another success and returns to TV in the fall with All Together Now. The Canale Cinque show has in fact been confirmed for a new season that will certainly be exciting and full of music. According to what was anticipated by TvBlog, Mediaset is already preparing the third edition of the program conducted by the Swiss showgirl.

After Eki's victory, Michelle Hunziker would be ready to find a new winner for the broadcast. In the last season, the presenter had brought a breath of fresh air to the show, choosing to be joined by a very special jury made up of Anna Tatangelo, Rita Pavone, Francesco Renga and J Ax. It is not yet clear what will happen next season, but it seems that the production is intent on keeping this formula, choosing a fixed cast.

The All Together Now season ended a few months ago, but the show may be back very soon. Over time the show has undergone numerous transformations, becoming a real talent. In fact, the competitors had remained the same throughout all the episodes, until the winner was crowned. The performances were judged by a jury of excellence and a wall made up of 100 famous people who are experts in the field of music.

A tailor-made program for Michelle Hunziker, able to show her talent for conducting, including laughter, improvised performances and great emotions. Recently, on the occasion of her return to Striscia la Notizia with Gerry Scotti, the Swiss presenter had told herself with great sincerity. “Being sunny and positive does not mean not being profound – he revealed, also speaking of his private life -. I get angry, I get sad, I experience pain and suffering, melancholy and nostalgia. They are like everyone. No one is exempt from inner torments. But I face life in my own way, I am affected by selective amnesia: I delete bad things, it is the key that serves to protect me and save me from all that life has offered me bad. They are like this: I save all the good memories, the unpleasant ones my brain eliminates them. So I am not at all resentful: you can do the worst things to me, I close with you, but without holding a grudge. I completely ignore the resentment ”.

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