"Michelle Hunziker more beautiful than you". Tomaso Trussardi defends Aurora

“Michelle Hunziker più bella di te”. Tomaso Trussardi difende Aurora

"Michelle Hunziker more beautiful than you". Tomaso Trussardi defends Aurora Ramazzotti from cruel comments

"Michelle Hunziker more beautiful than you". Tomaso Trussardi defends Aurora Ramazzotti from cruel comments on Instagram. The daughter of the Swiss showgirl and Eros was targeted by haters on social media, but the husband of her beloved mother, to whom she is very attached, arrived to help her.

It all started after a very sweet shot appeared on Instagram with Aurora, Michelle and Ineke, Hunziker's mother and young Ramazzotti's grandmother. Many commented on the image, complimenting the three women: "You are all three beautiful", wrote someone, "Aurora you have the beauty of your father and the sympathy of your mother", added another user.

Among so many sentences also a bad comment. "Your mother is more beautiful than you", wrote a hater that provoked the reaction of Tomaso Trussardi. The entrepreneur replied: "What a disgusting comment. How do you make certain comparisons. Aridity of soul. Shame". It is not the first time that Aurora is compared to Hunziker and in the past the young woman had said that she had suffered a lot for this reason.

Born in 1996, Aurora is very close to both parents, but she has had to overcome many difficulties due to bad and cruel comments. Today she is a champion of body positive, beloved on Instagram, and she is not afraid to show herself without makeup, revealing her weaknesses.

Some time ago, guest of Every Morning, Aurora had told her battle to counter stereotypes and make her uniqueness shine. "I had problems of weight, of skin, of confrontation, especially with the imposition of our society, of how one must be according to impositions," he explained. The most difficult moment? When she was still a teenager she was on the cover of a weekly, in a bikini, compared to her mother. "I was 14, I'll never forget it, and there was my photo on the cover of the sea with my mother, where they said my mother was more beautiful than me – he revealed -. In short, I was 14, a girl. I will always be in a bit of trouble, but I will always fight to love myself. You must not seek in others the strength to love yourself, because you will not find it there, you must seek it in yourself ”.

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