Michelle Hunziker not only in a bikini: the model photos enchant Instagram

Michelle Hunziker not only in a bikini: the model photos enchant Instagram

Michelle Hunziker is a model by the sea and the photos shared on Instagram leave you breathless. Even if he wasn't in a bikini

Michelle Hunziker leaves you breathless by publishing some splendid photos on her Instagram profile that portray her by the sea while modeling in front of Pierpaolo Ferreri's lens.

Hunziker, 43 years old last January, doesn't need to wear a bikini to bewitch fans. In the shots shared on Instagram, the Swiss presenter wears a maxi red sundress with white flowers, one of those perfect clothes for the summer that Letizia of Spain would also like so much. Hair gathered in a ponytail, natural make-up, impeccable tan, bare feet, the blonde Michelle is the image of seduction. Also the perfect décolleté and the back left uncovered by the dress.

Michelle plays between the waves of the sea, strictly Italian, magnetic gaze, disarming smile, lightness: impossible to resist her. And so thousands rush to comment on the photos. "Bella" is the adjective most used to describe the presenter. But above all they all agree that Hunziker at her age is the envy of 20-year-olds (like Federica Panicucci for that matter). And they write: "Hello eighteen year old". "You still put them all away at your age … Divine." "The most beautiful". "Simple solar beautiful six". There are no other words to describe it. While the fans envy her the gorgeous dress and ask her for information to go and buy it, as a true trend setter.

Michelle enchants and not only for the photos. In fact, Hunziker is back from the incredible success of the first live session of "Iron Ciapet", the presenter's training program that usually takes place via social networks. Elisabetta Gregoraci also follows him online. This time, however, an event was organized at the Golf Club of Cervia which saw the participation of 500 people, in support of Double Defense, the association founded by Hunziker and Giulia Bongiorno in defense of women victims of violence. The designer Elisabetta Franchi also participated in the initiative.

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker – Source: Instagram

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