Michelle Hunziker on Instagram: first mermaid bikini

Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker enchants everyone with this summer's first bikini that enhances her sculpted physique that is the envy of 20-year-olds

The queens of summer: the VIPs compete with each other in bikini shots. Who win?

Also this summer Michelle Hunziker does not disappoint fans and shares the first bikini on Instagram, so perfect that it is the envy of twenty year olds. On the other hand, the Iron ciapet workouts have their effect.

Michelle Hunziker is 44 years old at the registry office, but time never seems to pass for her (SEE ALSO THE 2020 BIKINIS). Proof? The bikini photo taken on the ship. The beautiful Michelle poses as a Little Mermaid: crossed legs, dreamy look, wind in her hair. She comments: “Day 1… Logbook: I'm dreaming… a big kiss ❤️”.

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From the hashtags we discover that the Hunziker is located in the Aeolian Islands. And as the first photo of the season in a swimsuit she chose a triangle micro bikini, with a pattern of colored flowers on a black background. A perfect model for her, which enhances her décolleté and sculpted abs, thanks to her fitness program, also loved by celebrities such as Elisabetta Gregoraci.

Michelle, like a goddess of the sea, stands out against the blue sky. The makeup is practically non-existent and the long blonde hair is left free, at the mercy of the wind. While the perfect pedicure with red nail polish is worth noting.

The followers are in raptures, all agree in recognizing the sculptural beauty of Michelle Hunziker. And so they comment on Instagram: "And the silent twenties", "Mamma mia che bella", "Mamma mia che bella". It goes without saying that the adjective most used to describe the presenter in this photo is "beautiful".

However, Michelle's summer is not all about rest and relaxation. In fact, he has already given Iron ciapet aficionados to two live events, thus doubling the meetings compared to last year. This year the live will be held on July 16 and 17, also in Cervia, with 5 personal trainers ready to make our body sculpted.

Hunziker's bikini photo is therefore strategic for her event. In fact, someone writes: “Waiting for iron… ciapet !!!”.

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